The Reading Gloves

If gloves were to be like characters in a novel, then what would they look like? I’m going to try and find out and on this blog I will keep a record of my findings. On 10 February 2011 The Reading Gloves will go on show at Prick Your Finger. I’m going to knit gloves that represent the following characters: Lady Chatterley, her lover, Dorian Gray, Dorian Gray’s picture, Anna Karenina, Heathcliff & Cathy.

3 Replies to “The Reading Gloves”

  1. Thanks. Well, Cathy & Heathcliff didn’t make it in time for the exhibition, but as this is going to be an ongoing project, I will make them at a later date. I’m also planning Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester and the crazy attic woman. And possibly Lolita…

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