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Miss Busby’s Mail Order

Miss Busby’s thought she had some time on her hands, so she ordered some wool from Jaeger. They despatched her order on 2 April 1964.

The boxes arrived in fine condition at 36A Alexandra Road.

However, Miss Busby never found the time to use her beautiful wool to good use. We will never know what happened between 2 April 1964 and 25 February 2011, but that’s when I found them languishing in the corner of a Brighton flea market.

She ordered a box of Fawn.

It’s Jaeger 2ply Faerie Spun. 100% wool!

The second box contains Faerie Spun in Clear Blue.

I could not let this wool wither away unloved in that corner, so I brought it home. Now I’m on the look-out for a suitable pattern to knit it into a beautiful slipover.

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A couple of weeks ago a friend gave me her favourite red cashmere jumper. Moths had a feast and they left holes all over the place. Otherwise it was still a lovely jumper, so it was the perfect candidate to enter The Visible Mending Programme. So this is what I came up with:

After going over the jumper with a comb to make sure I didn’t leave a hole uncovered, I used some Jamieson’s Shetland Ultra 2ply to chain stitched from hole to hole. I darned each hole with some judicious weaving. Then I got my crochet hook out and crocheted a ruffle made up from double, triple and quadruple sts. I bunched up the ruffle over each darned hole.

The hole on the back is slightly different: it has been closed by needle felting.

It’s my friend’s birthday tomorrow, so I think it makes a perfect gift!

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My friend has a lovely red cashmere jumper. But MOTHS have had a feast on it! As you can see, I have carefully gone over the jumper to find out where they had their starter, main course and pudding. I think they may have had a cheeseboard too. I marked all the holes with coilless safety pins, as I think this is a perfect candidate for the Visible Mending Programme.

I’m planning to use some Jamieson’s Ultra 2ply shetland laceweight to connect all the holes with a fine ruffle. Let’s hope the MOTHS won’t find out.

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Last night saw the private view of my exhibition of The Reading Gloves at Prick Your Finger.

We had so much fun that I completely forgot to take any pictures of all the wonderful people that came for a little nosy, have a beer, or a ginger biscuit baked by my partner.

I’m very happy with the show and it has more or less turned out as I had in mind. Dorian Gray left his gloves on the console table underneath his portrait:

Anna Karenina left blood drops all over the place:

And last but not least, the illicit lovers, Lady Chatterley and Mellors. They just about managed to brush away the chicken feathers before lying down together:

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Dorian Gray’s gloves are knitted in 4ply cotton. I knitted two pairs. One pair is immaculate white and knitted as evenly as I could. These will be displayed on a small console table. Made from cardboard and self-adhesive film…

Then, of course, there is the portrait. Some friends helped me out and I think the portrait looks great! The walking stick in the portrait has a knife blade hidden in it. After we took the photographs I polished up the stick, so it now looks as new and will also be part of the display.

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This is Anna Karenina’s cuff. I had to try out quite a few different lace patterns, as I wanted to make the gloves look like expensive lace, not cheap tarty lace. Therefore I ended up using lace that had quite a lot of solid areas. Knitted in Jamieson’s cobweb ultra 1ply it still looks very lace-y.

Here’s a page from my note book. I love making charts, as it makes me understand how the pattern works.

And the cuff being blocked.

Once I had finished assembling everything the lace pattern got a bit lost as it was a double layer of fabric. So I have hunted down some old silk scarves and used one of those to line the gloves. There are red beads for blood drops.

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Here are Lady Chatterley and her lover, Mellors. I knitted Lady Chatterley in natural Wensleydale longwool. The cuff has a picot cast-on and is knitted in a twisted 1×1 rib. It reminds me a bit of a corset. I gave a her wedding ring too.

Mellors is knitted in hemp and I kept it simple and a bit rough around the edges. I like the contrast between the two pairs of gloves.

The first time they “get together” they lie down on a brown army blanket and brush away the chicken feathers that are strewn around the small hut they’re in, so I will display the gloves on a blanket and scatter some chicken feathers around.

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