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I have this old YMC jersey which is really rather comfortable. It has started to fray at the cuffs and I was tired of having to explain that the scorpion appliqué on the front did indeed NOT mean I was a scorpio (I’m a virgo, don’t you know). So, I’ve taken the sting out, did some darning with my fave Shetland wool, and here’s the result.

Here’s the darn:

And the needle felt patch:

And obviously, 10 years of washing has faded the colour:

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I like to buy clothes to last a long time and sometimes I spend a lot of money on them. And if I’ve worn something for a few years they get holes in them, or gravy stains, or just start to look a bit tired. I don’t want to throw them away, but instead I do some visible mending. Take for instance, this t-shirt. It had holes in them. As I was going to a PJ Harvey gig, I used a line from one of her songs to embellish the back. The holes were prettified by a simple whip stitch.


This v-neck jersey has a bugle bead T on it. Five minutes after my partner borrowed it, it was covered in gravy stains. They didn’t come out in the wash, so I used some more bugle beads to cover them up.


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