Three Paper Christmas Decorations – Cut-Outs. And More Cut-Outs. And Even More Cut-Outs

Following on from my previous Three Paper Christmas Decorations post, I will now present to you: paper cut-outs, more paper cut-outs, even more paper cut-outs (which, for the discerning reader, actually makes a total of four different paper decorations) and no Christmas tree. So, following on from the gorgeous sheets of paper I bought a while back, here is the second one:

I cut around the Santas, and then glued them onto card (thank you, spray mount). By doing it this way, it is easier to cut the precise shape of the Santas and card in one go. As I used permanent adhesive spray mount, I didn’t have to worry about gloops of glue. By cutting around the Santas before mounting, I knew the glue would go all the way up to the edge. After that I stuck on some ribbon to make Santa hangers. My partner has hung them all over our flat!

The last sheet of paper shows a collection of cutlery. It’s not your traditional Christmas decoration, but as both my partner and me thoroughly enjoy cooking and eating it appears festive to us:

Following the same process as with the Santas, I cut out the individual forks, knives and spoons. This time I used a scalpel, as the tines of the forks are rather more intricate than the Santas, and I didn’t want to get them dog-eared by using scissors. I then attached random lengths of sewing thread on them and hung them from a bamboo cane affixed to the picture rail. Unfortunately, the pictures of the ‘installation piece’ in situ didn’t come out very well, here’s the best one I got:

Appropriately, they hang above the dining table. My guess is, that these will remain in place well after Christmas, as I really like the effect. They don’t all hang flat against the wall, and so sometimes twist to show the back. I used card in different colours, and the silhouette of cutlery shapes is instantly recognisable, so I quite like the effect of silhouettes mixed with realistic looking cutlery.

I managed to sneak in another cut paper project for decoration, for which I used plain white paper. It’s the perennial kindergarten favourite: the cut paper snow flake. I hope I don’t have to explain how to make those. (post-posting note: as you can see in the comments, not everybody knows how to make paper snow flakes, so here is a video tutorial)

This year we decided to leave the Christmas tree at the market stall, and settled for a few branches of spruce, holly, and, erm, tulips. Add some candles and I think you’ll agree that even without a tree, our living room looks suitably festive!

*M*E*R*R*Y*  *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*

3 Replies to “Three Paper Christmas Decorations – Cut-Outs. And More Cut-Outs. And Even More Cut-Outs”

  1. Looks like your home is very festive! Your snow flakes are especially lovely. Not everyone knows how to make those. I used to make them with my English classes for foreigners. They loved doing them and it was often the first time they had seen them.

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