Sanquhar Pencil Case Pattern and Giveaway

+++ UPDATE 21-Sep-2020: this pattern is no longer available for sale +++

Dear readers, it is with great pleasure I can present to you tomofholland’s very first pattern. The Sanquhar Pencil Case Pattern is now available for download in the Prick Your Finger webshop.

The original pencil case, shown in the background, was a graduation present for my partner. I wanted to give him a small knitted item, which he could use every day, without having to worry about spilling food down the front… And as he was forever digging in his bag for pens, this seemed just the thing. The pattern is inspired by the traditional Sanquhar gloves, in the cornet & drum pattern. I have knitted Sanquhar gloves in the fleur-de-lys pattern:

The Sanquhar patterns can be broken down in four parts, which all come back in pencil case:

1) the cuff is knitted in a rib stitch, with the knit stitches in the light colour and the purl stitches in the dark colour. Usually there are accents of the dark colour in the knit columns. I have used one such cuff pattern for the top of the pencil case:

2) the wrist in a Sanquhar glove is always knitted in a salt-and-pepper spot pattern. I used this element at the underside of the pencil case:

3) the other distinctive feature in Sanquhar gloves, is that the wearer’s initials are worked in the cuff too. This can be found on one side of the pencil case:

The pattern comes with an alphabet and blank name plate chart, so you make your own initials!

4) the last element is the patterning of the hand and fingers. Sanquhar gloves can be divided into two distinct styles. Tweed patterns, like my fleur-de-lys gloves, and so-called ‘dambrod’ patterns, which has repeating designs in a strong grid. The cornet & drum version of this, is what I used for the other sides of the pencil case:

The original pencil case was knitted on double-pointed needles and required grafting the bottom closed. I was very lucky that Dr Felicity Ford offered to test-knit my pattern, as apart from invaluable feedback on pattern lay-out, she also brought to my attention Judy’s Magic Cast-On. This means that this pencil case is completely SEAMLESS. You cast on. You knit. You cast off. You’re done.

For the pencil case I used some left over fabric from a pair of boxershorts to line them. Who else can boast a matching pencil case and pants?

Releasing my very first pattern is a cause for celebration in my book, so one lucky winner will be given a free copy of the pattern, and two balls of Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift, in burnt umber and surf, to knit your very own Sanquhar Pencil Case. To enter, leave a comment below and tell me what you think is just the thing to co-ordinate the pencil case with this season. After two weeks, I will select the most amusing answer and post the pattern and wool to the lucky winner.

19 Replies to “Sanquhar Pencil Case Pattern and Giveaway”

  1. The most amusing fashion combo that springs to my mind involves pairing that nice pencil case with a matching set of tasselled pasties*.

    *I am not referring to baked goods.

  2. Silk! I have some pale green (not quite as pale as the surf color, but..)
    Rugged wools outside, soft as silk inside (a pencil case like this is not just for any old pen and pencil, but for the best pens you own. and silk is just the right touch (even an old silk scarf would yield enough to line a pencil case.. and some ties might, too!)

  3. Duh! I think the answer is obvious, the best thing to pair your Sanquhar pencil case with would be your very own Sanquhar messenger bag! (Get on the ball with that one 🙂 )

  4. Okay, this one is complicated, but! So, you already have a pencil case that matches your underwear. I think that the next item to make would then be an egg warmer (a mini-bobble hat in a Sanquhar pattern?). A matching set of underwear, pencil case, and egg warmer like that will mean you can have breakfast in bed (while penciling down the egg warmer pattern), and thus be cozy and ultra-stylish at the same time! Happy Easter!

  5. A pencil case pattern, style Sanquhar,
    Is something for which I do hanker!
    This lim’rick I’ll name
    to go with the same
    this season, or lose with no rancour!

  6. What a delicate piece of work u made!!! Is it a deeper meaning w the boxerpant material? ” I want to keep you as close to my body as my undewear are”…..?
    Materials and looks matches a cool, vintage, casual , malish leatherbag , something to love and yes every Day, just as a pair of underwear! Love, K

  7. Congratulations on the publication of your first pattern, and a very fine design it is too, with interesting construction techniques that would certainly test my knitting skills!
    If were I to succeed in making this pencil case, I would co-ordinate it with some sort of security device – maybe a chain from the zip-pull to my wrist? a loud alarm? – to ensure I didn’t lose it (or have it pilfered by an envious person lacking stylish pencil storage?). I’m not sure how ‘this season’ my co-ordinating security device would be, but it would be practical!
    Oh … I’ve just re-read above and wonder if the idea was to suggest things to co-ordinate with the lining? Never mind, I can’t possibly top your knicker-matching, so I’ll stick with my original idea!

  8. Knitted Sanquhar bra. (But- would need a nice soft lining to stop the itching!) Got to top the knickers, or maybe even have both – only you and your partner would ever know, unless you sunbathed in them. Or how about a swimsuit to show off the fabulous pattern?

  9. The modern pencil case surely needs a coordinating iPad cover, lined with the appropriate (non-static) boxer shorts cotton!
    It’s a lovely pattern and I will certainly be making one, but with a less imaginative lining I fear.

  10. Been eyeing the Sanquar gloves pattern for years now, but am I ever going to knit them? The pencil case seems do-able. Amusing, no. Realistic, perhaps. And we all need some burnt umber and surf in our lives, don’t we?

  11. what would I coordinate a Sanquhar pencil case with? Well some of my best vintage pencils and fountain pens of course, putting such lovely vintage objects in a vinyl or fake fur pencil case is just wrong whereas this pencil case is so right. At a more detailed level, I’d coordinate it with a black vintage Italian Aurora 88 piston filler fountain pen from the mid 1950’s, filled with J Herbin Vert Olive ink, A Parker 45 GT thatI bought new in the 1980’s now fitted with a Binderised CI nib filled with Diamine Damson ink, a Parker 51 classic pen in grey, circa 1953, filled with Pelican Mandarin ink – and matching P51 clutch pencil that takes 0.9mm leads, and a swiss made Fix pencil commemorative issue with ‘designed in 1929’ on the side. I’d also hide my coffee card in there so i could top up with a chai latte as I caught up on my letter writing.

  12. I love the pattern and your color choices. Looks like a fun knit. I would like to see an iPad cover to go with.

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