Wool In Progress

As you all know, I’m currently having a lot of fun over at WOVEMBER2012, celebrating wool for what it is. I’m curating the Wovember Words posts – woollen elevenses, if you like. Although WOVEMBER takes up a lot of time, I have found some time to make things with wool. I’m very pleased with all of them, and they will each get a separate in-depth post once WOVEMBER has finished. But as I’m too excited about each of them, I want to share some pictures with you:

First up, I made some Sanquhar gloves in the Prince of Wales pattern:


Of course, my name is knitted in the cuff:

Secondly, I finally managed to sew a pair of trousers! I bought the fabric two winters ago, made two (yes, TWO) toiles, and then wasn’t happy with the fit and didn’t know how to change it. But with a new pattern, and some encouragement from Zoe, I made this pair of trousers, which are perhaps more classic than fashionable in shape. Here some close-ups, as I will reveal the whole pair over at WOVEMBER later. A hand-picked fly with vintage button:


Welted back-pockets:



Last, but not least I’m finishing of this self-lined beany in the most amazing Wensleydale Longwool yarn:


The patterns are typically more often used on ganseys:



Come on over at WOVEMBER, there’s even a competition going on where you can win all sorts of prizes by sending in a woolly picture!

11 Replies to “Wool In Progress”

  1. Beautiful work – these trousers are a lesson in detail. I am impressed. I love the gloves – your tension is great (mine goes all over the place with colour work) and yes – I thought ‘gansey’ as soon as I saw the hat.

    1. Thanks! My tension greatly improved when I changed my method to both yarns in the left hand so you knit them both continental style. It took a little while to get used to, but haven’t looked back since!

  2. Tom! It feels slightly odd to be writing, ‘your pants are amazing’ but your pants ARE amazing. Also love the gloves and the gansey-stitch hat looks superb.

    1. Thanks Kate! I shall show more pics of said ‘pants’ when we get to the Wearing Wool section in Wovember. I did actually sew some pants two summers ago. I used old bed sheets that got torn. Needless to say the cotton had turned really soft and they’re still my favourite!

  3. I know this is an old post, but I had to comment on your gloves as I have also knitted a pair and had more positive comments on them than on anything else I have ever knitted, I don’t know why Sanquhar patterns aren’t more well known.

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