Vintage Buttons

Portraits of Vintage Buttons

With my new-found skills as a tailor, I finally have a good excuse to roam the button section of the haberdashery stall at the Saturday street market in The North Laine in Brighton. Possibly, I may have purchased a few more cards of buttons that I will strictly need in the next few months. Here’s my selection, I think the portraits speak for themselves.























I’m working my way through a number of toiles to make a well-fitting shirt for my partner. I’m sure I’ll be using one of these cards soon – once I worked out how to address the fit issues I’m facing at the moment.

10 Replies to “Vintage Buttons”

  1. Looking forward to reading about the shirt-making process. This is something I’ve always wanted to master! :Love the art deco lettering on the Paris Mode buttons!

    1. I have gone through quite a toiles already, each time I learn something new. But as yet, not ready to start cutting the real fabric. One more fitting to go through and then I hope the shirt is to my partner’s liking… 🙂

  2. i just read your button-post while i’m making a pause from sorting all the buttons my grandmother collected during the last 70 years.
    found some similar to yours.

  3. Hello Tom, David Page Coffin has written two excellent resources, on making shirts and trousers, which I’m sure you’d enjoy. Your newly discovered site (from Kate Davies) has inspired me to mend my felted woolen slippers.
    I use 2 hole buttons with french knots in them as miniature doll faces. They give a lovely odd little shamanic visage.
    Nice to connect! Marilyn from Minnesota

    1. Hi Marilyn, I have David Coffin’s shirt book, which I bought a very long time ago, before I even had a sewing machine. It’s come in very handy so far.
      I’m happy to hear I’ve inspired you to do some mending, sounds like you did a great job!

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