workshops & events

I have currently no workshops planned.


United Fashion Festival, 1 April – 6 June 2021, Brussels, Belgium. I’m part of the United Fashion Festival taking place in Brussels, Belgium. More information available here.

Brighton Repair Café

I volunteer at the Brighton Repair Café. We meet every last Saturday of the month and help you repair your stuff, ranging from garment repairs to small electrical goods, bicycles, and more. To find up-to-date information about venue and date of the next Repair Café, please check their facebook page here.

35 Replies to “WORKSHOPS & EVENTS”

  1. Have you ever considered online classes? I’d love to attend a workshop where you present your Visible Mending Programme, but it’s not likely I’ll be in the UK in the next two years. I’d attend online if you held a video chat session. Or I’d buy your course if you presented one on or the like …

  2. any classes planned after May? London area, Brighton would also be ok.. or anywhere that is cheaply reachable from central London – student budget 🙂 cheers

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  4. I have never been interested in knitting, but I love the whole notion of mending and want very very much to learn darning – from socks to worn elbows to ripped scarves to fine Irish linen. I’ve been collecting vintage threads and mending yarns…
    Do you take inexperienced fakers who don’t knit?

    Thank you for your wonderful work and sharing.


    1. Thanks for your message Judith. For the darning master class you do not have to know how to knit. For the Big Holes specialist darning class you do need to be able to knit. Hope this helps, Tom

  5. Hello, my husband is keen to attend one of your workshops – we’re based in London. Do you have any upcoming workshops in the UK please? Thanks

    1. I’m in the process of finalising a workshop in July. Once it’s confirmed I will update the Workshops and Events page, any maybe write a short blog post, so please keep an eye out: hopefully more news soon!

  6. HiTom. Is there a repair Café on Saturday Nov 25th in Brighton?At Preston Barracks, or is that closed for renovation? Would love to come down if indeed repair cafe happening.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, unfortunately the Preston Barracks venue is now closed. We’re finalising plans for a new venue, but it’s not 100% certain yet. We’re planning to start again in January. It’s best to check on the Brighton Repair Café blog for details.

  7. Dear Tom, it looks like I will be in the UK at the end of June 2018. Do you think you will have any workshops during that time? I’d love to take a class with you.

  8. Hello,
    I wrote you a while ago to ask if you ever travel to the US for workshops. I am located north of San Francisco,California and would be delighted to have you teach a class at Healdsburg SHED. Would you let me know if you might be landing on this continent anytime soon, and would be willing to travel to Healdsburg?
    Thank you kindly,

  9. Hi Tom,

    I am a fan of your blog. I hand and machine knit and have plenty of knits to mend as well as all my and my husbands jeans for work.

    Since you have mentioned using your treadle for sewing, and have an extensive library on repairs, maybe you can answer this question.

    Are there any good techniques for applying patches on legs and sleeves using non-free arm machines?

    Up until recently, we patched the knees on our work jeans using my mothers Pfaff, which has a free arm. Unfortunately, this machine is now broken, and I am told, probably unfixable.

    I now use my Singer Featherweight, and am putting my Singer treadle in working order. I love them, but they don’t have a free arm.

    So before I go to the expense of buying a machine just for this one task, any insight you might have would be wonderful



  10. Hi Tom, I’m looking for someone to teach darning on Sunday 1 March and other dates. My number is 07956 684 942. Rachael

  11. Hi! I tried to buy your crofter mitten pattern on ravelry but it’s no longer available. Could I buy it from you directly? I love these mittens!

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